Broadly speaking, my field of research is food and agricultural economics. My research applies principles from consumer theory, industrial organization, and marketing to address empirical questions in food labeling and quality certification, food safety, and agricultural marketing.

Areas of Interest

Food and Agricultural Economics

Emprical Industrial Organization

Labeling and Quality Disclosure

Food Safety

Working Papers

"Mandatory and Voluntary Labeling Effects" [submitted] (with J. Liaukonyte, E. Wang, and X. Zhu)

"Collective Investment in a Common Pool Resource: Grower Associations and Food Safety Guidelines" [revision requested] (with E. Lichtenberg and E. T. Page)

"Too Small to Fail? The Impact of Independent Restaurants on Regional Economies" (with Y. Huang and T. Schmit)

"Voluntary Quality Disclosure in Credence Good Markets: An Empirical Analysis of Non-GMO Labeling in the Food Industry"

"Food Safety and Restaurant Food" (with S. Si, M. Gomez, C. Lin Lawell, and C. Zhu)

Ongoing Projects

"Dissonant opinions and the home bias: Consumer response to crowd sourced reviews" (with F. Livat, B. Rickard, and A. Susskind)

"Environmental impact of produce growers' preharvest food safety risk mitigation strategies" (with P. Baur and D. Weller)

"Dynamic shelf-life labelling for milk products: Consumer willingness to pay and the impact on retail and consumer food waste" (with P. Endara)

"A systems approach to microbial food safety in produce: Leveraging data science approaches to inform food safety decisions"

"What's in your coffee? How timing and intensity of quality disclosure impacts consumer perception and willingness to pay for vertical process attributes" (with J. Chestnut and M. Ozanne)

"Modeling and training to enhance resilience of the US food system to COVID-19 labor shortages"